inherent group ceo tony davis
Tony Davis
inherent group beau lescott
Beau Lescott
Portfolio Manager
inherent group brenda pai
Brenda Pai
Managing Director
inherent group nikhil mirchandani
Nikhil Mirchandani
Managing Director
inherent group michael ellis
Michael Ellis
Managing Director
Danielle Schaefer
lydia thew
Lydia Thew
inherent paula luff
Paula Luff
Sustainability and Impact
inherent dan caroll
Dan Carroll
inherent benjamin hogan
Benjamin Hogan
Vice President
inherent alex finerman
Alex Finerman
Vice President
inherent rob
Rob Lasner
Head of Operations
inherent patrick healy
Patrick Healy
Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Matt Christensen
Global Head of Responsible Investment, AXA IM*

Former Founding Director, Eurosif
Mike Hayes
Senior Vice President, 

Former Commanding Officer, SEAL Team TWO
George Serafeim
Professor, Harvard Business School

Course: Reimagining Capitalism
inherent group ale
Alessandro Tomé
Director, Audeo Advisors
Tensie Whelan
Director, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business

Former President, Rainforest Alliance

* Serves in personal capacity, not as a representative of the organization(s) listed.