Inherent Foundation

Our Mission

Inherent Foundation aims to improve access to quality education, protect the environment, and develop sustainable capital markets. We pursue our mission not only through charitable giving to academic institutions and non-profit organizations, but also by investing 100% of our assets in aligned social enterprises and businesses. Our educational work focuses on underserved populations in the US and in developing markets, with a focus on access to high-quality education and career development. Our environmental work includes the development of distributed renewable power assets and participation in credit markets that encourage efficient decarbonization. And on sustainable capital markets, we support organizations that encourage corporate executives, boards, and investors to incorporate material ESG factors into strategic planning and reporting.

Working with Inherent Group

Inherent Group pursues ESG-integrated investment strategies not only to enhance returns but also to drive systemic change in corporate decision-making and in financial markets. Inherent Group supports Inherent Foundation with a portion of its profits, and Inherent Group staff lend their time and expertise to Inherent Foundation’s grantees and portfolio companies. In turn, the Foundation’s work with organizations and companies in the areas of education, the environment, and sustainable investing enhances Inherent Group’s knowledge base.

How and What We Fund

Our work in education, the environment, and sustainable investing spans both for-profit investments and charitable grants. At Inherent Foundation, we use our endowed assets and our grant-making to further our mission.

Inherent Foundation Assets1

  • Private Debt – Directs
    1. Pursuit
    2. Grow America

  • Private Equity – Directs
    1. Catchafire
    2. Bridge International Academies
    3. Generate Capital
    4. Uptrust
    5. Omaze
    6. Revolution Foods

  • Private Equity – Funds
    1. Ecosystem Integrity Fund
    2. KKR Global Impact Fund

  • Hedge Funds
    1. Inherent ESG Opportunity
    2. Inherent Credit Opportunities

  • Bank Debt/Bonds
    1. Arctaris
    2. Verscend
    3. Brookfield WEC Holdings

  • Public Equity & Cash
(1) Representative investments are detailed by asset type. This is not a comprehensive list of investments but 100% are mission-aligned.


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