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May 2019

Starbucks, Dunkin Race Against Bans, Taxes on Disposable Cups

Berkeley, California is requiring coffee shops to charge a 25-cent fee per disposable cup to encourage people to produce less plastic waste.

Yes, eating meat affects the environment, but cows are not killing the climate
The Conversation

Decreasing meat consumption will not have as large an impact on the environment as many believe. Meat production does not generate more greenhouse gases than the transportation sector, and the continuation of meat consumption is necessary to sustain the increasing world population.

The Creeping Capitalist Takeover of Higher Education

The privatization of academic programs leads to an increase in profits, and an increase in inequality among those who can attend college. Online colleges, if not for their high prices, could have lessened inequality within the higher education system.

April 2019

The New Age of Corporate Scandals
The Economist

Is corporate America more 'scandal-prone' than Europe? An interesting piece by the Economist suggests this is the case, and thus far the 'financial cost' to the companies involved has been limited.

"The total market value of American firms involved in big incidents that have become public since 2016 is $1.54trn. At least 200m consumers have been affected. The figures are only $600bn and under 30m for European firms, including carmakers that faked emissions tests and Nordic banks involved in money-laundering."

Building Out the US Offshore Wind Supply Chain
Green Tech Media

U.S. offshore wind is a $68 million dollar investment opportunity that suppliers are poised to benefit from.

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