ESG News

August 2019

Transformative Capital: How Mission-Related Investing Can Deepen Foundations’ Impact
Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation lays out its approach to mission-related investing, and makes the point that if all U.S. foundations were to allocate 8% of their assets to MRI investing, together they would have $72 Billion to pressure corporations to broaden their focus from shareholders to include all stakeholders.

Founder’s Grip on WeWork May Be Hard for Investors to Stomach

Investors in the upcoming initial public offering of The We Company are being asked to lower their standards for corporate governance beyond what other technology startups have demanded, say securities law experts.

The Last Straw: Will Plastic Become the Next Stranded Asset?

MSCI analyzes what tighter anti-plastics regulation and negative consumer sentiment could mean for the oil and gas companies producing petrochemicals - the main inputs for plastics. The financial impact could be significant.

June 2019

Research: Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Products
Harvard Business Review

Consumers are increasingly focusing on sustainability when making purchasing decisions, according to research by the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern. Their analysis shows that 50% of the growth in sales of consumer packaged goods in the last five years came from purchases of products marketed as 'sustainable'.

Coke and Pepsi want to Sell You Bottled Water without the Bottle
Wall Street Journal

As consumers move away from single-use plastics, Coke and Pepsi are starting to embrace a 'bring your own bottle' business model, particularly on college campuses.

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