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November 2019

How an Italian Energy Company Revolutionized Sustainable Investing in Structured Credit

Why Enel's SDG-linked issuance is a potential game-changer in the world of sustainable credit.

  • Sustainability KPI linked to interest margin step-up
  • Expands investor base for ESG-linked products
  • Unconstrained use of proceeds broadens the issuer base
Moody’s Sees ‘Emerging Threat’ to Oil & Gas Companies from Climate Regulation
Responsible Investor

Moody's lowered ExxonMobil’s credit outlook to negative from stable – in part due to the “emerging threat” to fossil fuel companies from climate change regulation and tax, with the oil major also exposed to “rising” litigation risk linked to climate
change and related disclosures.

How Boeing Lost Its Bearings
The Atlantic

An interesting and timely reminder of the long-term impact of company culture on performance. The Atlantic tracks the genesis of Boeing’s current troubles to the early 2000s when the financially-driven management culture of acquired McDonnell Douglas started replacing the engineering-driven culture of legacy Boeing.

October 2019

Enel Launches the First SDG-Linked Bond

A subsidiary of Enel, the Italian energy company, issued a $1.5 billion bond where the interest payment steps up 25bps if the company fails to meet specific sustainability performance metrics. This bond marks the first issue of its kind, where a sustainability KPI causes a rate to step up, rather than down. And, the issue was oversubscribed.

Clean Energy the World Needs: Startups Take Aim at Nuclear Fusion

A deep dive on the private companies that are working on commercializing fusion.

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