ESG News

October 2020

PRI Publishes Third Quarterly Report on Credit Ratings Agencies’ Progress on ESG Factor Integration

The PRI aims to provide market participants with a comprehensive resource on ESG-related activities at Credit Ratings Agencies (CRAs). This quarterly report compiles CRA's latest resources as a tool in market participants' ESG integration process. It also allows CRAs to showcase their ongoing efforts to be more transparent about how ESG factor affect credit opinions and how research around ESG credit-relevant topics is improving. See the report here.

ESG and the Earnings Call: Bringing the Metrics and the Narrative Together
Shared Value Initiative

Brian Tomlinson of CEO Investor Forum and Tensie Whelan of NYU Stern, Center for Sustainable Business and also an advisor to Inherent Group have some executive-ready recommendations for solving the problem of “two separate narratives” in corporate disclosure with “one telling how profitable a company is, and the other highlighting whether the company is good for people and planet.”  Read more here.