ESG News

December 2018

The Bond That Could Be Wiped Out by California’s Wildfires
The Wall Street Journal

An overview of the growing catastrophe-bond market and the risks playing out in a bond affected by the recent Camp Fire in California.

Joint Statement Between Institutional Investors on Behalf of Climate Action 100+ and Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell)

Working with a group of institutional investors convened by Ceres, Shell has committed itself to public net carbon footprint targets, linking such targets to executive compensation, and related goals.

GE Powered the American Century — Then It Burned Out
The Wall Street Journal

A detailed account of the growth and recent challenges of what was once America's biggest company.

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret
The New York Times

An overview of the large and growing business of selling location data from mobile phones and apps.

How Socially Responsible Investing Lost Its Soul
Bloomberg Businessweek

The author alleges that many investors are at best confused and at worst misled by their investment funds' apparent focus on ESG, especially among ETFs.