ESG News

September 2018

California Just Adopted its Boldest Energy Target Yet: 100% Clean Electricity

California’s new law mandates 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045.

How the BBC Women are Working Toward Equal Pay
The New Yorker

In depth overview of equal pay, the gender pay gap, and the lengthy process of attempting to achieve equity at a large company in the UK.

Big Investors Seek a #MeToo Clawback
The Wall Street Journal

An interesting example of how a social issue is getting written into private equity deal documents.

From Trump to Trade, the Financial Crisis Still Resonates 10 Years Later
The New York Times

Sorkin suggests that the growth in populism globally is an aftershock of the financial crisis.

At Wells Fargo, Discontent Simmers Among Female Executives
The Wall Street Journal

An inside look at the culture of Wells Fargo and internal efforts to change it.

Why Big Companies Squander Good Ideas
Financial Times

Execution and implementation of new ideas is difficult at any scale.

The Ocean Cleanup is Starting, Aims to Cut Garbage Patch by 90% by 2040

An ocean clean-up company started by Boyan Slat at the age of 18 is reaching “production phase.” Uses clever design to gather plastic without harming marine life.