ESG News

July 2018

Best Buy Should be Dead, but it’s Thriving in the Age of Amazon

Some bricks and mortar retailers are adapting well to the new normal.

Governors can Determine the Future of Work

States use creative solutions to address the future of work as “laboratories of democracy.”

Building Trust as Boards Make Long-term Strategic Investment Decisions
High Meadows Institute

Business leaders insist on the business case for ESG investments.

Now in Sight: Success Against an Infection that Blinds
The New York Times

This enduring cross-sector partnership illustrates the kind of social, and economic, impact that the private sector can help drive. Paula Luff, Inherent's Director, Sustainability & Impact, helped create and lead this program while she was at Pfizer.

Climate Vulnerable Countries Face $168 Billion In Higher Debt Costs

A discussion of the risk premium added to borrowing costs attributable to climate-related issues.

Please ‘Disrespect’ Your Senior Management Team
Jefferies Insights

An open letter to Jefferies employees shared publicly regarding the value of questioning any company’s leadership.