UN Report: Urgent nature action needed to salvage Sustainable Development Goals

The climate crisis, COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine are threatening to stall progress on several key environmental targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), humanity’s blueprint for a better future, warns a new report from the United Nations. The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022, released last week, details how a series of global crises have hampered

Does global development have an SDG talent gap?

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to close a financing gap estimated to be over $4 trillion per year. It’s a staggering figure. But if we’re to make real progress on the 2030 Agenda, there may be another hidden gap that very few seem to be talking about: the SDG talent gap. Click below

To close the SDG financing gap, entrepreneurs need transformative partnerships

Understanding two frameworks, ‘ESG integration’ and ‘impact measuring and management,’ can accelerate sustainability impact. The long-held maxim of “what gets measured, gets done” holds true for any entrepreneur and is especially true for those who seek to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while making a financial return.