Sustainability Principles and Objectives (SPO) Framework

The Sustainability Principles and Objectives (SPO) Framework is an ESG framework for late-stage private companies, companies preparing to go public, and early-stage public companies. The SPO Framework is designed to ensure that a company at this stage of development takes into consideration positive ESG outcomes, as well as the need to mitigate negative ESG factors,

Distressed Credit And The ESG Opportunity

Driving change is not always possible. The conventional wisdom regarding distressed credit investing is that the complex negotiations and fast pace of transactions at companies under duress thwart transitions toward sustainability and inclusion. Negotiating haircuts and covenants is already challenging, and the urgency of corporate distress amplifies the myriad difficulties of evaluating ESG, including inconsistency

World Economic Forum Op-Ed

Investors: the time for net zero is now As investors, we are making our own commitments to reach net-zero emissions in our portfolios. We do so not only because of the climate emergency, but also after considering the incredible investment opportunities offered by a decarbonized global economy. In 2020 alone, the market capitalization of clean

Boards Are Obstructing ESG — at Their Own Peril

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Inherent Group Advisor Tensie Whelan, Clinical Professor for Business and Society at NYU Stern School of Business, posits that many boards have little ESG-related expertise and many do not even recognize the need to pay attention to material sustainability issues.   She concludes stating that ensuring good performance on

Inherent Group’s UNPRI Case Study

The PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) works with investors, industry associations and service providers to innovate and educate in incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into the investment decision-making process.  As part of PRI’s hedge fund investment case study initiative, Inherent Group profiled an example of how we use the Sustainable Development Goals to source

Net Zero Asset Managers Commitment

Today Inherent Group joined 29 other asset managers globally in the Net Zero Asset Managers Commitment. The commitment recognizes “an urgent need to accelerate the transition towards global net zero emissions and for asset managers to play our part to help deliver the goals of the Paris Agreement and ensure a just transition.” Tony Davis,

Using ESG to Enhance Fixed-Income Returns: The Case of Inherent Group

At Inherent Group we aim to earn above-market risk-adjusted returns in businesses that are environmentally and socially as well as financially sustainable. We apply environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis throughout every stage of our investment process across the entire corporate capital structure. In our experience, this approach has produced differentiated insights into investment opportunities

Inherent PM Nikhil Mirchandani on ESG and Credit

Asked by Bloomberg Markets what will be the next big ESG issue, Inherent Group PM Nikhil Mirchandani suggested: “While incorporating ESG into public and private equity investing has gained considerable momentum, we expect to see it adopted more broadly in public credit investing next year. We believe otherwise diligent and thoughtful credit investors often omit

PRI Publishes Third Quarterly Report on Credit Ratings Agencies’ Progress on ESG Factor Integration

The PRI aims to provide market participants with a comprehensive resource on ESG-related activities at Credit Ratings Agencies (CRAs). This quarterly report compiles CRA’s latest resources as a tool in market participants’ ESG integration process. It also allows CRAs to showcase their ongoing efforts to be more transparent about how ESG factor affect credit opinions

ESG and the Earnings Call: Bringing the Metrics and the Narrative Together

Brian Tomlinson of CEO Investor Forum and Tensie Whelan of NYU Stern, Center for Sustainable Business and also an advisor to Inherent Group have some executive-ready recommendations for solving the problem of “two separate narratives” in corporate disclosure with “one telling how profitable a company is, and the other highlighting whether the company is good

Letter to DOL urging withdrawal or modification of RIN 1210-AB95

In July 2020 Inherent Group CEO/CIO Tony Davis wrote to Assistant Secretary Wilson regarding the proposed Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration’s rule, Financial Factors in Selecting Plan Investments, Regulatory Identifier Number (RIN) number 1210-AB95.  He expressed concern that the proposed rule would dissuade fiduciaries from assessing ESG risks and opportunities in their investments.